“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Psalm 37:4

Friday, March 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

To celebrate our 3-year ‘referralversary’, I am sharing a special bonding moment  between me and Eden that happened totally by accident on my part several months ago.  One evening Eden was challenging bedtime as toddlers often do, asking to read one more book, get one more drink of water, etc.  Finally I said, “No more, lights out.  Mommy will tell you one more story in the dark then it’s time to go to sleep.”  At that moment, I had no idea what story I would tell, just something made up about princesses or the like.  Then out of my mouth, I blurted, “Once upon a time, there was a girl named Gina…” And I proceeded to tell her our story off the top of my head in a simplified manner a child would understand.  Every single night since then, when I turn out the lights, Eden has said, “Read me Gina”.  I know that God planted  these words on my tongue to share with my sweet girl night after night: 

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Gina.  Gina was lonely, and every night she would pray, “God, please bring me a baby I could love forever, and we could be a family.”  And one day, God answered Gina’s prayers and said, “Gina!  I found your baby!  She’s in Ethiopia!!”  Gina was sooo excited to know she was finally going to get to be a mommy and couldn’t wait to meet her baby girl.  As soon as she could, she got on a great big airplane with Aunt Angie, and they flew and flew and flew all the way to Africa.  When they reached Ethiopia, a white van pulled up next to Gina, and in the back seat was a teeny tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket.  And Gina said, “Oh my goodness!  Is that MY baby??”  And they said, “Yes!  This is baby Eden!”  Gina was sooo excited to finally hold her baby girl, and they hugged, and they kissed, and they laughed, and they smiled.  Then they spent a beautiful week in Ethiopia becoming a family.  Some of Eden’s friends were there, too – there was Bristol and Jack and Christian and Chloe.

Then it was time for Gina and Eden and Angie to get on the great big airplane, and they flew and flew and flew all the way to Nashville.  When they got to the airport, all their friends and family were there to greet them and meet baby Eden for the first time.  After they gave hugs and kisses to everyone, Gina and Eden got in their car, drove to their house, and from then on, they lived happily ever after.